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Feast of Tabernacles 2017: Oct 6 - 11

ICEJ Feast Speakers

Our invited speakers will include key evangelical leaders from around the world. Come to Jerusalem and be inspired by what God is doing around the world and get connected to what God is doing right now in this time and season here in Israel.

Reinhard Bonnke

Reinhard Bonnke at the ICEJ's Feast of Tabernacles
The ICEJ is honored and excited to welcome Reinhard Bonnke to speak at our opening event at Ein Gedi on Oct. 6th for the 2017 Feast of Tabernacles.
Reinhard Bonnke is a man of God with a burning passion for the Gospel, a vision for Africa, and a message for the world. He is known for his great Gospel Crusades throughout the Continent of Africa and for the movement he founded in 1974, Christ for all Nations. Since 1987 the ministry has recorded 76 million documented decisions for Jesus Christ. 

More Feast Speakers:

Rabbi Shmuel Bowman

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Shmuel Bowman is a gerontologist by profession. He made Aliyah (immigrated to Israel) in 1993, and he is a Torah Scribe (Sofer STaM) who teaches on the wisdom of the sacred letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Shmuel is the Executive Director of Operation Lifeshield, and is regarded as an expert in the field of passive defense and humanitarian NGO relief efforts. He is a bridge between Jews, Christians, and Muslims by protecting all lives with aboveground bomb shelters. 

Angus Buchan

Angus Buchan is a full-time evangelist and renowned speaker at local and international events. He is a man of God who preaches the undiluted Word of God, unashamedly. His first book, Faith Like Potatoes is a best-seller. Angus has become a familiar household figure across the world through his encouraging television programmes, Grassroots and Family Time. He and his wife Jill, live on Shalom Farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, South Africa. They have been blessed with 5 children, and 10 grandchildren with another one on the way.

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Dr Jim Garlow

Dr Jim Garlow is the Senior Pastor of Skyline Church in San Diego. He also has a daily radio commentary called “The Garlow Perspective” that reaches over 850 radio outlets. He has done over 1,200 interviews in print, radio and TV, and has authored 15 books on theological, historical and cultural matters. Before receiving his Ph.D. in historical theology from Drew University in Madison, NJ, he graduated from Princeton Theological Seminary (Th.M.), Asbury Theological Seminary (M.Div.), Southern Nazarene University (B.A. & M.A.), and Oklahoma Wesleyan University (A.A.). Jim and his wife, Rosemary, have eight children, eight grandsons, and two granddaughters. 

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Afeef Halasah

Afeef Halasah is a Moabite pastor who lives in Jordan. He studied theology in the UK and is a senior pastor overseeing many Churches locally and internationally. He is the Founder and Director of AFTA (Arabs for the Arabs) ministry, which is a church/planting movement among Arabs. He is a mighty man of valour, who brings the Gospel of the Kingdom to the toughest parts of the world. He is an Apostle to a huge region, a part of ANCJ Core International Council of  Elders, and on the board of Directors of JHOPFAN.

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Isaac Liu

Isaac Liu is the son of Brother Yun, a powerful leader of the underground church in China. Both of his parents were imprisoned for their faith, forcing Isaac and his sister to live on the streets and to scavenge for food. In the face of many hardships, God placed an anointing and favour on Isaac’s life that enabled him to preach the gospel from the age of 11. In 1999, Isaac and his family fled China, and over several years finally made it to Germany. After his theological studies in Frankfurt and in California, Isaac and his wife Fabiana have served as pastors, church planters, and international speakers in Germany. Isaac and his wife are founders and senior pastors of the “All Nations Church in Frankfurt,” and they are also co-workers of the mission movement “Back to Jerusalem.” 

George Michael

George Michael is a leading expert on the Middle Eastern language, culture, and religion. He was also a well-known consultant for the Department of Defense (DoD)and the State Department for over 20 years. As a Coptic Christian, he grew up and completed university in Egypt, and subsequently worked in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. After immigrating to the U.S., he started a career as a top-level Arabic linguist/analyst for several government agencies. He also provided cultural and religious training for the DoD on a large number of military bases in the US and overseas. He is now developing a Christian Institute for Islamic Studies to train and enable Christians to effectively reach Muslims for Christ. George is married to Susan Michael, ICEJ’s USA Branch director.

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Susan Michael, Director for ICEJ USA

Since 1980, Susan Michael has pioneered the development of the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem in the United States and around the world. She currently serves as the ministry’s USA Director and is a member of the ICEJ’s International Board of Directors. She has a Masters in Judeo-Christian Studies from Jerusalem University, and a degree in Theology from Oral Roberts University. Her experience working with Arabs, Jews, and Christians from many denominational backgrounds has equipped Susan to handle delicate topics central to an understanding of Israel with extraordinary clarity and grace. Susan is married to George Michael, who is a native Egyptian Christian.

Israel Pochtar

Pastor Israel Pochtar has a deep passion for reconciliation between Jews and Arabs, helping those in need, and building bridges between Israel and Christian supporters of Israel. In 2004, he established Beit Hallel, which was the first Hebrew-speaking congregation in the city of Ashdod. By 2008, it expanded into an international ministry called “Voice of Judah Israel,” which has since planted six local congregations. Pastor Israel also personally mentors emerging leaders, oversees an extensive humanitarian programme, teaches regularly, and travels throughout the world to share about God’s work in Israel.

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Jackie Pullinger

Jackie arrived on a ship in Hong Kong in 1966, prompted by a calling from the Lord for her to “Go!” She was instantly drawn to the most notorious and dangerous city – the Kowloon Walled City. She went into this den of hopelessness and despair, unaware of how God would transform her life and the life of the city. Jackie has been recognized by the Hong Kong Government, the UK, and was awarded an M.B.E. by the Queen in 1988 for transforming the Walled City. Jackie reminds us that God's heart is towards the poor, oppressed, and downtrodden. She also reminds us that the City of God is a present and future reality, and reflections of it can be established even in the darkest places.

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Aleksander Shevchenko

Aleksander Shevchenko is a conference speaker and organizer, the founder of "Ugol" International Ministry (1996), and the Senior Pastor of "House of Bread" Church (2006). He is the author and producer of "The Slavic Nations' Search for God" documentary series, talk show host for Ugol Ministries and "Pozitsiya" ("Position") forum. He has also written  a number of Christian books, one of them being "Her Majesty The Church.” He is married to Zhanna Shevchenko, with whom he has two children, Daniel and Victoria. 

Cary Summers

Cary Summers

Cary Summers is the president of the Museum of the Bible—an innovative, global educational institution inviting all people to engage with the history, impact, and narrative of the Bible. The museum’s curriculum is being used by over 100,000 schoolchildren in Israel. The Museum of the Bible, opening this November in Washington, D.C., will feature a gallery with archaeological finds provided by the Israel Antiquities Authority. Cary has visited Israel over 100 times and is the recipient of the 2017 “Night to Honor Our Christian Allies” Tourism Award.

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Rene Terra Nova

Apostle Rene Terra Nova is the President of the International Ministry of Restoration in Manaus, Brazil, with 85,000 members. He is also the leader of the Cellular Movement according to the model of investing in 12 people, with 6 million people under his spiritual covering. He is an author of 114 religious and self-help books. Rene is a pastor that is passionate about preaching the word of God and edifying the kingdom of God all around the world. He is also a loving father of three girls and one little boy, as well as a passionate husband.

Peter Tsukahira

Peter Tsukahira is the Co-Founder of Kehilat HaCarmel (an Israeli Messianic congregation), and the Director of the Or HaCarmel Ministry Center. He has a Master of Divinity degree, and graduated from CFNI (Texas) and Tufts University (Massachusetts). In 2000, he established the Mount Carmel School of Ministry (www.mountcarmelsom.com), which has been instrumental in building strong bridges between Israel and the nations. Peter’s international teaching ministry and books have impacted many around the world with an understanding of God’s heart and purposes for Israel: “God’s Tsunami: Understanding Israel and End-time Prophecy” (www.godstsunami.com), and “My Father’s Business: Guidelines for Ministry in the Marketplace and Culture of the Kingdom” (www.cultureofthekingdom.com).

Rev. Juha Ketola

Daniel Yahav

Daniel Yahav, a Jewish Israeli follower of Yeshua, was born in Jaffa, Israel, in 1959. He is the son of a Holocaust survivor, attained the rank of major in the IDF, and was the Director General Manager of Galtronics LTD business for 11 years. The past 36 years Daniel has been a faithful servant in the roles of Elder and Pastor of Peniel Fellowship, located in Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. He is an international conference speaker, bible teacher, a father of seven children, and the grandfather of eleven grandchildren.  

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