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ICEJ Feast 2014: Jerusalem Arena


We will provide Maps in this year’s Feast Book to help you find your way around the Jerusalem Pais Arena. Please note that there are five levels of the Arena, but not all will be open to the public.

Main Entrance & Auditorium Level

This is the level of the main entrance, which is located on the western side of the Arena facing Teddy Stadium and the Malha Mall. This level contains food vendors, the Feast vendor booths, bathrooms, and gates to the general seating in the main Auditorium. Please note that only the gates on the eastern side of the Arena will be open to access seating in the Auditorium.

Suites/Mezzanine Level

This level contains Seminar Rooms, the Prayer Room, the Feast Office, and the Media Office. Access to this level is by the stairways and elevators just off the two main foyers on opposite sides of the Arena at Auditorium Level (see Arena maps)

Gallery Level

This level will only be opened to Feast pilgrims in the event the lower seating areas are full in the main Auditorium. Should we need to use the upper seating areas, access is by the escalators in the East Foyer only, which takes you to the Gallery Level and the gates leading to the top tier seating.


Entry to the Arena is by nametag only. Please cooperate with all ushers and security personnel upon entering. The Feast Oversight Committee reserves the right of admission.


We encourage you to shop at the vendor booths set up in the main entrance and corridors on the Auditorium Level. These are operated by local Israeli shops and businesses, and you will find unique crafts and great values while also supporting the Israeli economy.


It is normal throughout Israel for security personnel to check all bags when you enter a building. Please cooperate when these searches are required to enter the Arena. To cut down on long lines, please do not bring large bags with you into the building. Also, do not leave bags, packages or other personal belongings unattended, as they could be confiscated or cause undue alarm.


There will be a First Aid station to serve Feast pilgrims set up near the main Entrance Foyer of the Arena – see Map for exact location.


Headphones are available for live translations into other languages, but they must be reserved by tour leaders and collected and returned to the headsets booth after each session. Translation is only available in those languages most represented at the Feast.


Each year at the Feast we hold a blood drive to encourage Christians from abroad to give the gift of life while here in Israel. There will be a Magen David Adom mobile blood clinic set up just outside the main entrance to the Arena, which will be collecting blood donations on the mornings of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, 12 to 14 October. Be sure to stop by and inquire about giving blood during your stay in Jerusalem.


Flash photography and videotaping during the evening celebrations is not permitted for any reason, even on cell phones and iPads, as it may interfere with the professional filming and live broadcast of the Feast. Please do not leave your seat to come forward and film or take pictures under any circumstances. High quality videos of the evening services will be available through Embassy Resources.


For the sake of order, public utterances from the floor during meetings cannot be permitted. If you believe you have a word from the Lord, please consult with one of the members of the Feast Oversight Committee.


Please refrain from blowing shofars or other loud instruments in the Auditorium unless called upon to do so from the platform. Thank you for your full cooperation in this matter.

Police 100 - Ambulance 101 - Fire 102

First Aid is situated at the main foyer entrance


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