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2019 Bus Tours: 15-16 October


Come join delegates from around the world take day trip experiences of the beauty of Israel!

Tuesday, 15 October

ICEJ AID TOUR: Gaza Border Shelters - $50 USD, per person (12:00 Departure Time)

Come visit Israel’s Southern border with us! This is your opportunity to meet the courageous Israeli citizens who live in the shadow of Gaza. Receive a current update from security experts in light of recent uprisings along the border. Hear from a local farmer, turned fire fighter whose land and livelihood have come under attack from incendiary kites causing much destruction. Witness the delivery of a life-saving shelter that will protect and give peace of mind to residents of Eshkol as they go about their daily lives. Your choice to visit and hear Israel’s challenges on this front, provides encouragement and strengthens residents living there. Join us in expressing solidarity and encouragement for those, who by refusing to leave their communities, are sending a powerful message to the world that the existence of Israel is a non-negotiable. Please be aware that this tour leaves at 12:00.

Shilo and Beit-El - $80 USD, per person (13:00 Departure Time)

Enjoy a wonderful day in Judea & Samaria where we will visit the ancient capital of Shilo where the Tabernacle of Moses was kept for nearly 370 years and was major center for the Jewish faith. We will also view Beit-El (House of God) which is the site where Abraham built an altar to God and of Jacob's famous a dream. See archeological finds, ancient agricultural terraces, Hasmonean burial caves and the ancient olive press cave.

The Israel Museum and Yad Vashem - $80 USD, per person (13:00 Departure Time)

Visit the Israel Museum which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Shrine of the Book. Then take a guided tour through an accurately detailed model of Biblical Jerusalem as it appeared during the time of Christ.  From the Israel Museum, you will also have the opportunity to see the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and the Menorah. Then visit Yad Vashem which is the museum and site dedicated to the memory of the six million Jews who perished before and during World War II, understanding of the Biblical texts in a conveniently sized, and beautifully landscaped location.


Wednesday, 16 October

ICEJ AID TOUR: Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors - $50 USD, per person (10:40 Departure Time)

We warmly invite you to join us on an unforgettable visit to the ICEJ’s Home for Holocaust Survivors. Spend the day learning about Holocaust Survivors in Israel and how Christians have made an incredible impact on their lives by providing a warm home and loving care for them in their old age. Today, some 180,000 Holocaust Survivors live in Israel, however, they are swiftly aging.  The opportunity to meet them, love on them, and hear from them will soon be gone forever. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear about history from the people who lived it. In addition, you will have the opportunity to tour the facilities of the Haifa Home, learn how it was established, and go through a newly opened onsite museum. See and hear firsthand how your gifts and the generosity of Christians has become a symbol of hope and friendship to the people of Israel. Please be aware that this tour leaves at 10:40.

Bethlehem and Shepherd’s Field - $80 USD, per person (13:00 Departure Time)

Come and join us for a tour in Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born. You will have the opportunity to see the main sites including the Church of Nativity, the Milk Grotto, the Old City with its colorful market. Visit the caves where shepherds “kept watch over their flock” still abound in the area east of Bethlehem known as the Shepherds’ Field. Here, the Gospel of Luke tells us that an angel announced the birth of Jesus.

The Jewish Quarter including the Wohl Archeological Museum, the Cardo and the Western Wall - $80 USD, per person (13:00 Departure Time)

Tour the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City which is one of the four quarters of the walled city. There we will visit the Wohl Museum which is a fascinating underground museum in which visitors descend to the street level of the Herodian era. The museum features a six-house compound which would have been occupied by aristocratic families and families of Temple Priests. We will continue to visit the Cardo which was the main thoroughfare of the city from Roman times. Finish at the Western Wall where you will have an opportunity for prayer.

All Bus Tours depart from and return to the Pais Arena.



If you have questions about the bus tours or would like to register, please email us at feastreg@icej.org


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